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Crowdar not only provide mentoring to improve your developoing processes adding technological quiality to your deliverables, QA and automation testing. We also provide the neccesary resources to reach your targets.

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Looking for your first job

Crowdar Academy give people the necessary knowledge to perform as QA or Automation Engineer. We train people giving them the necessary tools to afford your lack of resource needs.


We have a theoretical and practical program to perform in each speciality. The class are teached by professional with a wide range of experience working as QA and Automation Engineers at Crowdar.

Full stack

Crowdar Academy graduate can obtain full stack knowledge as QA and Automation Engineer

Final Exam

To be graduated and available to work, the graduate must pass an exam in every speciality. We provide this results with the candidate resume where shows their knowledge


Manual Testing Program (QA)

  • Introcuction to testing concepts
  • Create a test and exercise
  • Introduction to bugs definition and different type of test
  • Mobile testing, tools and exercises
  • Apis testing, tools and exercises
  • Introduction to data bases
  • Introduction to test automation and agile methodologies
  • Introduction to automation using Lippia framework

Automation Testing program

  • Introduction to automation, tools and java.
  • Oriented object programming with Java
  • Introduction to DevOps, Docker, Jenkins, Ci-CD
  • Lippia web, framework explanation, characteristics, how to install. Web automation using Lippia and automation tools, web drivers, waits, sendkeys,etc. Building page objects, good practices
  • API Automation using Lippia
  • Mobile Automatizaci√≥n using Lippia
  • Off Topic performance concepts and projects

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